New Images for Assignment 1

For these images I decided to attempt something different than the previous images I have taken for this assignment. Rather than have a one on one session with the subject I decided to observe the intimate interactions of other people and try not to influence them in any way. The moments I have captured in these photographs were taken during a rehearsal of an intimate scene, that I asked if I could come in and observe and I took images as they ran through the scene.

These are a few images I have selected from this session. I was using a Mamiya RB camera, which as you can imagine is quite difficult to operate in a quick spontaneous way. The lighting was quite low so I had to use a long exposure, meaning the images would inevitably come out blurred. This did not bother me to much as it is a style I have seen used before in Robert Franks images. Some of Franks images in “The Americans” series were slightly blurred or tilted but this reflected the style that he worked in, which was spontaneous so that he did not interfere with the people he was photographing. Perhaps if he had taken the time to adjust the camera so that the images would turn out ‘perfect’ then the people would have become aware of the camera and altered their behaviour. Capturing the exact moment Frank saw became more important than capturing an image that would meet the standards of a great image of the time.


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