For this shoot I chose to work within the theme of nudity again, which is a theme that has naturally developed throughout this project. I believe this is due to its strong connotations of intimacy, an important aspect of my work for this assignment.

Chloe (the subject of these photographs) is someone I have lived with for a few weeks now and so have developed a relationship with. By living with her I have an insight into her life and her environment that is not seen by the outside world. In these images I have attempted to delve into her world and present her in a very private way.

In reflection of this shoot I have not utilised the environment as much as I could have, like I have commented on in my post about Robert Wyatts work.

In the images of Chloe at her sink I have gestured towards her location, which begin to tell a narrative. The images of Chloe on her bed need to be put amongst other images that have more of a narrative. By doing this I could create a series of images that immerse the viewer into this persons life.


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