Research: Robert Wyatt

I have discovered a personal project Robert Wyatt has carried out, which I find relevant to my current assignment 1 project. Wyatt usually works as a fashion photographer but for this project, titled “At Home”, he has gone against what he does professionally by taking away the usual lighting set ups, hair and make up team as well as the clothes. The images are of nude ‘real women’ in their home.

“What you’re left with is the beauty of an intimate portrait of a woman in her own home” – Robert Wyatt

What I think is vitally important in making these photographs intimate is the location. Wyatt has established a trusting and intimate relationship with his subjects, in these photographs, which has been done by his subjects inviting him into their personal space and by bearing all in front of the camera.

This has made me more aware of the location I am photographing in and how big of an impact it can have on the reading of my images. Up until now I have not been utilizing the environment I am shooting in and so now I think I will attempt to make a personal and intimate space within my images.


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