Research: Danny Lyon

After researching into Danny Lyon‘s work I found the style in which he works to be fascinating and can relate it to my current project, for assignment 1. In Lyon’s work, such as “The Bikeriders”, he immersed himself into the society he was photographing by joining the Chicago outlaws. This allows us (the viewer) to get an in-depth insight into a world that we would not usually get to see.  The video below gives a summary of Lyon’s work and style.

This has allowed me to realise what my work could potentially communicate to anyone viewing the images.  The images of my own social structures give an insight into my world that would go unnoticed to everyone else. But what Lyon managed to do in his work of “The Bikeriders” is to remain an objective point of view of his subjects (as mentioned in the video) so that he did not influence the audience in anyway, when they viewed this society. This has given me something to think about whilst photographing, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts my purpose is to display my relationship with my subjects, so keeping an objective style may prevent me from communicating my purpose.


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