This is a shoot I did in response to the assignment 1 task. As I mentioned in my previous post “Project Development” I wanted to display harmonious relationships with the people I photographed and I thought this would be easier to achieve by photographing people I have already built a relationship with, so in these images I have photographed my friend Lily.

I had asked to photograph her in a location she was familiar and comfortable with, so the shoot took place in her bedroom. I had also asked what was the least amount of clothing she would be willing to wear in front of me and the camera. By her revealing as much as she has I think this shows a trusting relationship that she would not have with any stranger observing these images.

I hope a harmonious relationship between myself and Lily is conveyed through these images to anyone that views them.


2 thoughts on “Lily

  1. Indeed, the “harmonous” relationship can be seen here and the level of intimacy is very indexical through my own interpretation of Lily’s expression and settlement in the shoot.

    If this was the most difficult moment to depict for your project then I don’t think you should have a problem recording other intimate moments with others you know well. Don’t forget to take into consideration what Worth said: “photograph all the time” i.e. go out and take your phone with you, charge your battery specially for the camera and don’t care, just shoot whatever happens.

    Nice work, Lee.

    – Chris

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