Project Development

Following on from my “Greater than the Whole” task (refer to previous post) I have developed an idea assignment 1. As you can see from the way i have photographed the subject, for this task, I quite a close connection with this person.

Being able to present yourself as a nude form in front of someone else can show that you have a high level of trust and intimacy with that person. Think about whenever you may appear nude in front of someone else, these moments will probably be very intimate and private. My intention with this shoot was to take this intimate and private moment and make it public and viewable to others. I believe that this idea has been heavily influenced by the work of Nan Goldin, whose work displays the very most private moments of her life. Goldins work is not of people she does not know but of people she is close to, which allows her to be involved in these intimate moments and capture them to share with people outside of the relationship.

In the brief for this assignment it s asked…

“Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure that you are part of?”

I think that the relationship I have attempted to convey in my greater than the whole task answers that question and says that i am in harmony with this social structure. For the rest of this assignment i will be looking into my own social structures and try to display a harmonious relationship between myself and the people I photograph. I think this may be achieved by capturing moments that other people would not get to see such as moments when they appear vulnerable.


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