Homage To A Precious Object

For this task we were to photograph an object, which we had a connection to and was precious to us. A Precious object could be absolutely anything as long as it held some sort of a story or had any significance in your life. At first I was clueless as to what to photograph, so I began by thinking of any objects that I felt some emotional connection to. This could have been anything, from the series of images I took of my friends on holiday to presents people have bought me in the past, but I wanted something that had a deeper meaning.

The Images above are my chosen precious objects, they are a few cards given to me wishing me good luck at university and a kettle. Once i had chosen my objects I to think of a way to photograph them, that signified that they were precious to me, so I wanted these objects to be the only subject within the frame. As they are alone in frame they become the soul purpose of the image, the viewer knows that this object holds some sort of significance.

The cards may be more obvious as to why they are precious to me, they represent a relationship between me and the people who bought them me and by keeping hold of them I retain this connection with them. The kettle may be more ambiguous as to how it is precious, but hopefully by the way I have taken the image it shows it has some importance. The kettle has its own light source and so I decided to use that light alone and photograph it with a long exposure, which has not lit the object entirely, making it unclear to what it is. I like how it is unclear as it matches the ambiguity of its significance in my life.


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