Greater Than The Whole

For this task we were asked to photograph a subject thats entirety could not be displayed within a single frame. My first instinct was to photograph a subject up close several times and then put them together to create the entire subject. I was not overly keen on this idea as I thought the subject could be displayed in one image by simply zooming out or taking a few steps back when taking the image. So with this in mind I decided to think of something else, as this idea was not fulfilling the brief of photographing something that could not be displayed in a single frame.

Another idea I thought of later was to photograph a subject from several perspectives, as that was literally impossible to fit in one frame. Once I decided how to go about photographing my subject i still faced one problem, which was simply what to photograph.

One night I went over to my partners to take his portrait, for an assignment. I did not want him to appear uncomfortable in the image, but he was at first so I left the camera alone for a while whilst we just lay on the bed watching television. At this point I began to take mental images of his naked form and then it dawned on me that this was to be my subject for the “Greater than the whole” task. At this moment I felt compelled to share this moment and vision with people outside of the room that would not usually get to view these images going through my head and join in on this intimate moment. Below is the final image for this task.


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