Images From Mamiya 7

I have been introduced to two new cameras, which i have never encountered before and appear quite alien to me for now. They are the Mamiya 7 and Mamiya RB medium format cameras. For now I have only photographed one roll of film using the Mamiya 7 and plan to shoot with the RB soon enough. Whilst shooting with this camera I found that some of the settings were similar to the settings of cameras I have used previously, such as the aperture being adjusted on the lens and shutter speed by a dial located on the top of the camera. But there are some features, which are new to me, such as the view finder. This camera is a range finder camera, meaning you look through a view finder at the top left corner of the camera, rather than looking through the lens. Which means i need to be more aware of simple aspects of the camera, such as removing the curtain and taking off the lens cap!

Loading the film was different to my previous experiences with film cameras, as the film usually winds itself on automatically but with the Mamiya 7 it has to be wound on manually. I had some trouble exposing my first frame as I had not wound the film on fully (not realising it automatically stops winding once it is ready to shoot). Once I had my induction, loaded my camera with 120 film and set the ISO setting I was reading to take some images. I have selected two images from this shoot, which are shown below.

As you can see from these images they are slightly blurred. This is due to me taking them in low light conditions, which I did to try and create a wide range of tones within the frame, but not using a tripod. The shutter speed had to be below 1/60 as the lighting was not bright enough, ideally I would have used a tripod but did not have one. I attempted to compensate by leaning against a wall to steady myself whilst taking the image, but unfortunately the images have not come out as sharp as i had hoped.

We were told not to worry to much about the concepts of the images on this film, it was mainly to get used to using the camera. But i thought I would use the film to get some shots of the people within my current social life, as the assignment we are currently working on is about pressures within society to conform our behaviour and appearance. I chose to photograph the girl in these images in the settings she is familiar with and has adjusted to suit her. Making her more comfortable in these environments by surrounding herself with objects personal to her, such as the images in the background.


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