Nan Goldin inspired images

I have attempted to create a collection of intimate photographs of the people around coventry, which have been influenced by the intimate work of Nan Goldin. I went about trying to achieve this effect by looking into the style in which Goldin photographs and found that it is best achieved when a shot has fundamental errors. These errors, such as being over exposed, out of focus or crudely cropped, resemble the type of shots seen in a family album or photographs that may be shared between friends. Allowing the images to have more of a personal connection between the subject and he viewer.

In some of these photographs I have composed the image so that part of the subject sits outside of the frame causing the viewer to think more about the more subtle indications towards the subjects persona (eg their clothing and body language), which i think will cause anyone looking at the image to be more critical about the people I have selected to photograph.


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